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About us

Dynamic Vision Industries is a technology solutions company geared towards assisting businesses with their technology needs. We have a strong focus on innovation, design and precision in all our engagements, whether you need a simple website to a fully fledged online shop, we have you covered.

We not only stop at websites, we also have a passion for smartphone applications across all platforms. For the more discerning business, we are open to assisting your business bring to the market its products, enhancements and perhaps even innovative new bleeding edge technologies around edge of enterprise solutions such as IoT solutions.

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Mission & History

Our passion is strong with helping businesses realize the value and practicality of technology solutions and their effectiveness to daily operations and to help even micro-enterprises reap the benefits of utilizing technology to reach out to and service their customers.

With our founding in 2011, tempered by a variety of IT projects across a number of economic sectors, we are convinced of our ability to help our clients deliver value to their customers through a focused and intelligent use of technology.

What We Offer

We offer bespoke IT solutions to our clients with a focus on innovation and high-fidelity service.

Web App Design

We can help your business with it’s website design, hosting and social media requirements. Our most in demand service is that of SPA (Single Page Applications) usually in the form of dynamic single page websites that have engaging and interactive designs.

Smartphone Apps

For our clients that are looking for smartphone apps to complement their websites with a mobile app capable of acquiring data from customers and integrating into existing IT infrastructure, we can build your app to target any platform, not limited to but including Android, iOS and Desktop.

Cloud Solutions

We are happy to inform our clients that bespoke cloud technology integration solutions are now possible with us. Let us assisting you with your systems integration requirements, whether on Microsoft Azure, GitHub or even on your custom design on-premise environment. We have help you create custom built bridges between legacy and new systems, from Security to High-speed messaging to Machine Learning, we are your partner, give us a call.

Internet of Things (IoT)

5G is with us, and with it comes the prospect of putting nearly all devices on the internet, and that means, your organization is most likely going to be dealing with a host of new tiny connected devices in your office, in the field or with your customers.